The Remembrance

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Lacuna, an implant given to every citizen at birth, with the power to erase people’s memories at the discretion of the U.S. Government. The government has total control over what people remember and what they forget, until Eve, the first child to avoid being given the Lacuna implant. The story follows Eve 16 years later after having runaway from her overprotective parents and currently running from various government officials. Regardless of the fact that the government doesn’t have access over her memories, they force everyone she meets to forget who Eve is. This leaves Eve alone and hopeless, until she meets Colton, who continuously remembers her. Due to the fact that his father works for the government, Colton knows many secrets and divulges them to Ever after learning her story and falling in love with her. After a week, he forgets who she is entirely, but she decides she still needs his help in her search for her parents and they embark on a journey to find them. The series will follow their story as they encounter The Remembrance, a secret society that sets out to overthrow the government. She hopes to find her parents here, but instead finds another boy, Jace, the leader of The Remembrance, and must choose which boy she truly loves as well as fight for the society’s freedom over their own minds.

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