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RIDESESH is the pilot of an eight-episode comedy series that follows the intersecting private lives of five different ride-sharing drivers in Los Angeles and the colorful passengers with whom they make unexpected connections. Like the fine folks at Uber and Lyft, Ridesesh drivers open their car doors to strangers every day, and passengers from different walks of life set foot into their world. In a post-Covid life, humans crave connections more than ever, and our series explores those random moments with poignant, funny and surprising twists along the way.

Ridesesh is offering fund-based securities under Regulation CF (Reg CF) through WeVidIt, Inc (Funding Portal). The project offering may contain forward-looking statements and information relating to the company, it's budgets, timeline, and execution plan. The contents of this offering are meant to be a summary of the information found in the company's Form C. Before making an investment, investors should review the company's form C in the Offering Documents, for a complete description of the business, offering details, and more. Keep in mind, investing is risky and investors could lose some or all of their investment.


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