How WeVidIt Works

Creators pitch film & TV projects offerings

Step 1

Investors can invest in project offerings

Step 2

Creators use funding to produce projects

Step 3

Investor and creators share ownership

Step 4

Project Offerings On WeVidIt

Project Offerings, or Offerings, are projects that are open to investors, who have an investment account on WeVidIt, to buy stock and help finance the production or other business activities as defined in the Project Offering’s materials. Such Project Offerings are regulated securities’ offerings

Become an Investor


Serving Creators

WeVidIt allows creators, if approved, to issue stock in their project, known as a Project Offering, so that creators can raise production budgets by sharing ownership with investors.

Apply for project funding on WeVidit now, so that investors can invest in your project


Serving Investors

Create an investment account to invest in project offerings on WeVidIt

* Disclosure: Securities are speculative, illiquid, and carry a high degree of risk, including the loss of the entire investment. Please read WeVidIt's Investor Education materials to learn more.

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